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During my time as an associate research editor at Bon Appetit, I learned to read recipes, keep up-to-date on culinary trends, and that butter makes everything taste better. I received a cooking certificate from The New School of Cooking in Culver City in 2007. For nearly a decade, I was the food editor for AAA's Westways magazine, covering the food and restaurant scene in Southern California. Since then, I've written for, Rachael Ray In Season, and

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6 Methods for Making Crispy, Juicy Chicken Thighs

Achieving juicy, flavorful meat was relatively easy — the bone-in cut is one of the most forgiving in terms of cook times. But achieving crispy skin proved to be more of a challenge, until I was asked to test out six methods of baking chicken thighs to find out which would result in the juiciest meat and the crispiest skin.

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6 Methods for Storing Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms can be pricey, and their shelf life is short. Having to toss a whole package of slimy mushrooms is not only a waste of food, but also a waste of money. So in an effort to discover the best way to prolong their shelf life, I tested six different ways of storing them. 

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Meet the Creator of the Outdoor Wok with a Six-Month Wait List

Four times more powerful than a traditional indoor stove, the PowerFlamer is perfect for achieving restaurant-style Chinese dishes in your backyard

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Finding My Way Home Through Ketchup Pasta

How this simple dish of ketchup, hotdogs, and pasta will comfort me in a strange new place I call home. 

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Tips & Techniques

Undercooked Rice? Here Are 4 Tester-Approved Ways to Fix It.



Singapore’s iconic, but endangered, street food now has UNESCO status

The city-state’s vibrant hawker centers serve up Malay noodles, Indian curry puffs, and a feast of cultural history.

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How to DIY Ice Wreaths for Holiday Punch Bowls

Pretty up your punch bowl with a festive DIY ice wreath. Here's how.

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The Best Vanilla Ice Cream for Pie

We got pie-eyed on vanilla ice creams to find ones that are worthy of your Thanksgiving table.

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The Best Rooftop Bars in the U.S.

From a rooftop bar above a legendary music theater to one located in an ’80s World’s Fair symbol, here are nine neighborhood bars you should belly up to on your next night out.

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