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My parents met on a ski trip in Japan, and they've always instilled a love of travel and adventure in me. I recently moved to the Island of Hawai'i to become a full-time writer. I'm a frequent contributor to National Geographic and a columnist at Outside, and I've been published in The London Times, Robb Report, Men's Journal, and other publications. I'm conversational in Japanese and Mandarin, and I'm a huge history buff. I'm currently working on a book about outdoor adventures for National Geographic Books, due out in 2023. (Link to full portfolio here.)



This river in Vietnam transforms into a living watercolor

During flood season, flowering water lilies paint the mighty Mekong white and fuchsia.


Ghost stories scare up new life at these historic hotels

From “The Shining” resort in Colorado to an inn with a zombie cat in New York, these ‘rooms with a boo’ offer up local lore and legends.


Singapore’s iconic, but endangered, street food now has UNESCO status

The city-state’s vibrant hawker centers serve up Malay noodles, Indian curry puffs, and a feast of cultural history.

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In Asia, a gilded history lies hidden in plain sight

Singapore holds vibrant signs of Peranakan heritage for those curious enough to look.


Here’s what kids can learn from sharks

Shark tourism could help raise awareness about these misunderstood fish. But can your family do it safely and sustainably?


Why does the U.S. have so many Chinatowns?

Rooted in both racism and marketing, historic immigrant enclaves grapple with a crippling pandemic, rising rents, and uncertain futures. 

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The best hotels in Hawaii

From the first luxury hotel in Waikiki Beach to a tropical sanctuary set in a former sugar plantation, here are 14 of the best hotels in Hawaii


Hawaii travel guide

What to do, where to stay and why you’ll love it


Sales of Pied-a-Terre Condos Are Surging as International Travel Resumes

Globally, the demand for the centrally located residences has risen to 19 percent in 2021 from 12 percent in 2020

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Outside’s Guide to Surviving a Night at the Airport

Tips and products to make your stay in the terminal a whole lot more bearable when your flight gets canceled

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How to Keep Things from Biting You This Summer

Here are some foolproof ways to ward off ticks, no-see-ums, mosquitos, and fleas—and to find relief if they get you anyway

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Carmageddon Has Arrived. Here’s How to Avoid a Holiday Rental Nightmare.

Car rental companies have been struggling post-pandemic with a surge in demand and limited supply—but don’t let that stop you from going on the trip you’ve been dreaming about during lockdown

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